Rep. Camillo applauds Pet “Lemon Law”
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May 8, 2012 - 8:18 PM

Fred Camillo State Representative 151st District-CT
HARTFORD, CT - State Representative Fred Camillo, from Cos Cob, applauded the State House of Representatives for unanimously supporting the Pet Lemon Law (HB 5409) last week which Camillo cosponsored this year to protect the wallets and hearts of Connecticut families who bring pets into their homes.

“This bill is about business accountability, consumer protection and, above all, the basic human compassion for animals,” said Rep. Camillo, a well known animal lover in the General Assembly who introduced this concept on the floor of the House in 2009 , it became law and this bill will increase the standing penalties five-fold . “When someone decides to adopt an animal, they are looking to make a worthwhile addition to their family, home and life. Too often you hear of the horror stories of the animal becoming ill from a genetic defect, which can lead to costly medical bills.”

This bill enables new pet owners to either seek reimbursement for certain veterinarian expenses for a dog or cat that suffers from an illness or congenital defect shortly after the sale, or request a replacement or refund for the animal. These additional options will not force owners to return a pet that they have adopted into their home in order to receive a fair financial compensation for their animal’s hardship.

“It is my true hope this bill will set a higher business standard for pet stores, decreasing the use of puppy mills and other risky methods of acquiring animals to sell,” said Rep. Camillo, who serves on the Environment and Commerce Committees. “Requiring stores to foot the bill should hold them accountable for the costs they would otherwise pass on to the consumer. To avoid these charges, the stores will be forced to sell healthy animals.”

Rep. Camillo finds it disappointing the General Assembly needs to legislate humane treatment, but unfortunately there are business owners who view animals as only a source of profit,” said Rep. Camillo, who has volunteered for many years with local animal rescue groups that take in animals that are abandoned or abused.

The Pet Lemon Law will require certain pet shops to post a statement informing customers of their rights under this new legislation and give customers a copy of the statement when they buy a dog or cat to further protect these families from unnecessary cost and emotional hardship.

The bill now heads to the Senate.

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