Artists in Residence

Perhaps more so than any other profession, the life of an artist is one of being sequestered away from society-at-large; squirreled away inside their studio drawing, painting, creating, and even standing out in the open taking photographs or capturing the world around themselves on their respective canvases in their preferred medium. Artists tend to stand apart from the rest of us as they seek to channel their specific muse into a form that then can be displayed for the world to see. Needless to say, the interesting dichotomy of this profession is that in spite of their seeking seclusion to create their work, artists are — on some level — more in need of a networking and exhibiting vehicle than most other professions. More
Nov 30, 2007 - 8:30:24 AM

Fashion in Norwalk

Fashion in Norwalk
Tie Dyed T-shirt, with treatment on the fabric to achieve additional softness; Spring 08 Anad Anen Collection by New England Fashion+Design Association emerging designer Marlena Anderson (Photographer: Larry Thompson)
Imagine this. You’re strolling down the street, thinking, hmm, Pierre Deux or Boulmiche? Maybe I’ll just duck into Christian Louboutin and check out those killer shoes. No, let’s hit Bijan and save the others for last. But uh oh, I didn’t make an appointment and they won’t even let you in the door for a peek at their $50 socks without one. Rodeo Drive? Beverly Hills? No, Norwalk. Norwalk? Yes, indeed, and if Marc Feldman and the World Fashion Council (WFC) have their way, this once gritty city will become the fashion destination for all of New England. Feldman feels a confluence of factors are going to make people stop laughing, and start shopping, in Norwalk soon.
Nov 30, 2007 - 8:29:52 AM

Raggedy Ann - a Norwalk success story

“Success in life will never spoil the one who wins success by toil.” -Raggedy Ann

She is not programmed by a microchip or run by batteries. She does not walk unassisted or speak aloud. But, she is the doll who needs no introduction — Raggedy Ann.

While there have been countless myths as to her exact bloodline, Raggedy Ann was rumored to have been born smiling and fully-clothed on the banks of the Silvermine River in June 1915. Her prototype, a generic handmade cloth doll was created nearly a century earlier in Arcola, Illinois, by the great grandmother of Johnny Gruelle, who grew up to become an illustrator, author and creator of the trademarked Raggedy Ann doll.
Nov 30, 2007 - 8:28:37 AM

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