Rell, Fedele endorse U.S. Senator John McCain for President
By Gov Rell's Office
Jan 28, 2008 - 5:23:31 PM

Senator John McCain (Photography "John McCain 2008 -")
Governor M. Jodi Rell and Lieutenant Governor Michael Fedele today announced they are both endorsing U.S. Senator John McCain for President of the United States.

“John McCain is a longtime friend,” Governor Rell said. “I have known him for a number of years and greatly admired and respected him for even longer. He is among the most genuine and down-to-earth people I have met. Yet his record of accomplishment makes him extraordinarily well-qualified for the challenge he seeks.

“Frankly, no words can do justice to Senator McCain’s dedication to public service,” the Governor said. “He served his nation with honor and dignity as a wartime naval aviator, as a brutalized prisoner of war and – after his release – as a liaison between the Navy and Congress. And he has given decades of service to the people of Arizona as a Congressman and Senator.

“Now – especially now – I can think of no one I would rather see leading our nation,” Governor Rell said. “Our nation faces so many trials in the years to come. Economic issues, military issues, energy issues, global politics, global trade and global climate issues – all of these are ahead of us. Our need for strong leadership has seldom been greater. I am firmly convinced that John McCain is the leader we need to meet those challenges, deal with them effectively and remain the world’s beacon of freedom.”

Lieutenant Governor Fedele noted Senator McCain’s famed “straight talk” approach.

“Senator McCain’s ability to lead – to inspire – make him the clear choice,” Lieutenant Governor Fedele said. “He understands the need to bring people together to get the job done. He understands that government works best when its first consideration is common sense, not political advantage.

“We do face many challenges in the years to come,” the Lieutenant Governor said. “We face difficult times from an economic perspective and we must continue to fight – and win – the war on terror. As someone who has run a successful business, I also see major challenges ahead in providing access to quality health care for everyone and in making sure we offer the high-quality education our 21st-century economy demands. John McCain has plans to tackle every one of these issues – plans that make sense and will work without breaking the bank or driving taxes out of control.

“In short, it is an easy decision to support Senator McCain,” Lieutenant Governor Fedele said. “There can be no question about how he will respond when tested – he has already shown his mettle. And there can be no question about how he will lead our nation – he has already demonstrated his ‘straight-talk’ approach. The American people know where they want to be. John McCain is the leader to get them there.”

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